Free-Form Sculptural Tapestries

This three to five day workshop will introduce participants to a new way of merging knitting, crochet, and hand dyed fabric to create three dimensional wall tapestries.


Lecture on the History and Application of Batik

This hour long presentation will cover the history and application of batik throughout the world including Internet sites, materials and supplies, references, a bibliography, and presentation of samples of different types of batik.


Create Your Own Fabric and Art Paper

This one to three day workshop will introduce participants to soy wax batik, textile paints, and household resists to create works of art on fabric and paper.  Come and enjoy the fun!

Flowerscapes Mixed Media

This one to two day workshop will introduce participants to ways of merging fabric, paper, ephemera, paint, printed organza and gel mediums to create a tranquil flower arrangement or a dramatic landscape. Come and create art!

Kantha Embroidery Landscape with Digital Imagery and Silk 

This one to five day workshop will introduce participants to creating embroidery landscape collages using digital imagery from your favorite travel destinations such as Italy or France. Combining ancient Kantha Indian embroidery with digital images printed on silk, students will embroider with silk threads, beads, and buttons.

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