Sunday, May 7, 2017 - We've Arrived in London!

I never thought I'd get ready for this trip! Between charging my Mophie, learning how to use my new FitBit Alta R, updating the iPhone and iPad, and learning how the SanDisk Wifi Stick works  I never thought I would be ready.

Packing is my least favorite travel activity. So, I went to sleep late on Friday night and got up early on Saturday to pack. I took a 2:48 flight from Tulsa to Chicago and my flight left Chicago around 9:00 for London.

I just arrived! Mary is coming in a little bit later and I am headed to a different terminal to meet her.  I found Mary and we got into a taxi heading into London.

We are staying in London at The Rembrandt Hotel very close to the Victoria & Albert Museum. We have been planning our adventure for quite awhile and as soon as we drop our off our bags at the hotel we are going to the Fashion and Textile Museum to see the Josef Frank exhibit.
Never one to miss an opportunity for a museum we are going to the exhibit today because it is the last day. Later on in the summer on another trip (!!) I will be going to Stockholm and I will get to visit the design shop that Josef Frank and his wife created in Sweden.

Confused....London, Stockholm, right now it's just London, Norway and Amsterdam.

After we checked into the hotel we walked six miles today!! We went to the Fashion Museum and walked partway back along the Thames. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and people were outside enjoying the breeze and sunshine. We had a lovely dinner at a French restaurant and took the subway back. We've planned out our week and we need more time!!!


The Josef Frank exhibit was fabulous. The fabrics reminded me of Florida style upholstery fabrics. There were also some William Morris pieces of fabric that were an interesting contrast to Josef Frank's work. We're now planning to go to Walthamstow to see the William Morris Gallery.

We walked six miles after we got off the plane!! My new Fitbit is coming in handy!

We visited Southwark Cathedral and saw stunning stained glass including a display of Shakespearean themed glass that honored the late Sam Wanamaker, Hollywood producer and actor.

We walked along the Thames and passed the new Globe Theater!

We walked past the Tate Modern Museum,  crossed The Millenium Bridge, and found the restaurant Cafe Rouge and had French food for dinner!

We made a tentative itinerary for the week - let's see what we get accomplished!