Monday, May 8, 2017 - We shopped 'til we dropped!

We were up and at breakfast by 8:30. The hotel is lovely and the breakfast was fabulous, a large buffet with the usual foods: eggs,  fruit, croissants, yogurt, toast, broiled tomatoes, sausage and bacon, black pudding, mushrooms, assorted juices, and tea and coffee. The dining room was packed. It's a large hotel right across from the Victoria and Albert Museum.  We took the #14 bus and it was fun to see all the shops near  the hotel and pass Hyde Park. We are a stone's throw from Harrods!

We went to the Royal Acadeny and saw Grant Wood's American Gothic - amazing! It was a part of an exhibition of 1930's paintings created after The Depression. There was an early Jackson Pollock that was unrecognizable as the Jackson Pollock pictures that we know today. It seemed to be an abstract horse as opposed to his splatter pictures.

We went to the lovely and elegant Fortnum and Mason and checked out each floor looking at perfume, the candy gallery, teapots, Sophie Digard hand crocheted scarves, gorgeous fruits and vegetables and flowers, and much more.

We went to McCullough & Wallis so I could buy more silk thread! Mary and I walked through Liberty House checking out all the fabric and yarn and designer clothes. When I bought more thread (!!) the sales clerk told me she remembered me from the last time I was in! We had lunch in an Irish pub which was okay, nothing special, and we were surrounded by a very large group of rowdy women singers who were going to be singing at the London Palladium.

We went into Marks and Spencer so I could  look for a sweater and ended up at John Lewis where I bought some beautiful Kokka blue and white fabric and a lovely blue sweater.

We window shopped and marveled at the variety of shops. London is a world class shopping city and you see very trendy clothes on young people and business people.

We did carry-out from Patisserie Valerie and returned to the hotel, a great day had by all!!